Op de website van het Vaticaan staat nog deze uit 1974 daterende “notificatie”, waarin de verspreiding van de boodschappen wordt verboden en wordt verklaard dat er niets “bovennatuurlijks”geconstateerd kon worden.Deze notificatie is echter achterhaald en herroepen door de congregatie voor de geloofsleer zélf, die in 1981, ’83 en ’92 brieven heeft gestuurd aan de toenmalige bisschoppen van Haarlem met het verzoek om de devotie vrij te geven. (  Verklaring begeleidingscommissie bisdom )
Volgens de normen aangaande “verschijningen” van de congregatie voor de geloofsleer zelf, wordt de vrijgave van de devotie gezien als het voorstadium van een eventuele erkenning en verondersteld al een mate van authenticiteit  http://www.vatican.va/roman_curia/congregations/cfaith/documents/norme-apparizioni_en




With regard to the alleged apparitions and revelations of “Our Lady of All Nations”, said to have taken place in Amsterdam, the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith considers it advisable to make the following declaration.

On 7 May 1956, the Bishop of the Diocese of Haarlem (Netherlands), following on a careful examination of the case concerning the supposed apparitions and revelations of “Our Lady of All Nations”, declared that he “found no evidence of the supernatural nature of the apparitions”. He therefore prohibited public veneration of the picture of “Our Lady of All Nations” and the spreading of writings which attributed a supernatural origin to these apparitions and revelations.

On 2 March 1957, the same Ordinary repeated the above statement. The Holy Office, in a letter dated 13 March of the same year, praised the Bishop’s prudence and pastoral concern and approved of the measures taken. Moreover, in reply to an appeal of the Bishop of Haarlem, dated 29 March 1972, the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, on 24 May of the same year, confirmed the previous decision on the matter.

At the present time, following on further developments and after a fresh and deeper examination of the case, the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith confirms by the present notification the judgment already expressed by the competent ecclesiastical authority, and invites priests and laity to discontinue all forms of propaganda with regard to the alleged apparitions and revelations of “Our Lady of All Nations”. It exhorts all, moreover, to express their devotion to the Most Holy Virgin, Queen of the Universe (cf. Encyclical Letter Ad Caeli ReginamAAS 30 [1954], pp. 625-640) by forms of piety which are recognized and recommended by the Church.

Rome, 25 May 1974.

L’Osservatore Romano, English Ed., June 27, 1974, page 12.

  Bron (http://www.vatican.va)

‘In our discussion, Cardinal Ratzinger clarified to me that indeed up to this moment (2001)  the Church does not yet recognize anything supernatural in the so-called revelations in Amsterdam starting allegedly in 1948.[1] However the Vatican agrees with the pronouncements of the late Bishop Boomers and the present bishop of Haarlem-Amsterdam, Mons. Punt. Cardinal Ratzinger sees the title Our Lady of All Nations as a most worthy and meaningful title for the Blessed Mother. She indeed gathers together all nations to her Son. The prayer is likewise worthy of being promoted among and recited by the faithful, Finally the picture is beautiful and contains nothing objectionable. Revering Mary under the above title, before the said picture, reciting the said prayer by no means violates any doctrine of Catholic Faith and morality.’

Deze uitspraken van kardinaal Ratzinger , voormalig hoofd van de congregatie voor de geloofsleer  / emeritus paus Benediktus XVI, betekenen dus dat de notificatie de facto achterhaald is .